3 weekend trips for under $100 ::St. Louis ($77), Denver ($91), and Philadelphia ($97)

Disclaimer: Our affiliate links price some of these flights a little bit higher than the quoted price. We’re not quite sure why this is. If you want the lowest price, our suggestion is to go to google flights, find the flights you want, and click through directly.

Sometimes it’s not about where you’re going, sometimes it’s about grabbing a backpack and just going somewhere. Here are 5 cities you can fly to for the weekend just to get away.

1. Minneapolis to St. Louis for $77 [Top 5%]

Known for the Arch and this year’s Stanley Cup Champions, St. Louis is a city with great breweries and incredible barbecue. It’s said that St. Louis is second only to Washington D.C. in the number of free activities.

2. Minneapolis to Denver for $91 [Top 10%]

Located 5,280 feet above sea level, Denver is the largest city in the Rocky Mountain region of the US. It embraces its cowboy and mining past but it’s definitely a modern, trendy city with a vibrant arts scene, great outdoor festivals, and incredible access to nature.

Pretty decent 4 day trip prices to Denver. The timing could be better, but a Saturday to Tuesday stay isn’t the worst thing in the world. These $100 or so flight prices are available with many airlines.

3. Minneapolis to Philadelphia for $97 [Top 5%]

Rocky! Immortalizing the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Did you know that Philadelphia was once the capital of the United States? Often called the “Birthplace of America”, the city of brotherly love played a significant in our nation’s history and has great historical monuments including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed), and other historical monuments. Nowadays, Philly is seen as a model for sustainable urban growth and is surprisingly affordable.

Bonus Routes

In case the three routes above weren’t enough, there always also some really great deals on routes with limited availability.

You can always play around with our google flights map to see what else you can find!

If you’re not interested in any of these flights, let us know where you want to fly and we’ll keep make sure our AI watches for those specific routes!

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