Reflecting on Slice of Shoreview — What a Great Weekend!

If I had one word to describe Slice of Shoreview, it would be “enlightening”. It was so cool meeting so many people who loved traveling around the world. While we all love Minnesota, we also love getting away as well. Like Atmosphere said in the song Shhh, “Roam if you must, but come home when you’ve seen enough.”

The most desired International Destination to visit was Dublin!

The Cliffs of Moher (Credit: Wikimedia) – a day trip destination from Dublin.

This was actually really surprising. We didn’t realize Dublin would be such a desired place among Minnesotans. Many Minnesotans have Irish heritage from that point of view it makes a lot of sense.

And if you’re one of those folks who wants to get to Ireland, now seems like as good of a time as any. Aer Lingus has direct flights to Dublin from MSP in October and January starting at $515. If you wanted to save a bit of money, and were willing to take a connection, Air Canada and United both have flights starting at $435 for a 9 day trip. These flights are available over Valentine’s day too!

The most desired Domestic Destination to visit was Hawaii!

The diversity of Honolulu. Beaches, nature, and city.

That’s not really a surprise is it? Beautiful beaches, amazing nature, delicious food, warm people, and a such a vast and varied ecosystem. It’s just a generally great destination to visit.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, a 3 day getaway at the end of August is $489 with Sun Country. That’s a pretty good price considering flights are normally around $700.

What we learned about ourselves…

The first day of the festival was definitely the most challenging — mostly because we weren’t doing the right thing as a company. Instead of learning about you guys, our customers, we spent most of day 1 trying to talk about ourselves. That just didn’t work, because we weren’t focused on helping you guys solve your problems.

There are some folks who love the entire process of booking a flight – from the constant searching to watching prices fluctuate up and down. We think that’s awesome, because we love doing it too! Keeping booking flights the way you guys love.

But for most people, the process of booking a vacation is challenging and causes anxiety. Between having to spend many days watching flight prices to the anxiety of watching the flight go up $50 or $100 – what we found out was that the vast majority of folks, while you love traveling, you don’t really like hassle involved in dealing with the booking.

That’s what we spent day 2 and 3 on, learning about you guys and letting you know that aiforflights exists as a service. We’ll take the work and the risk out of booking flights to make it all super simple. And that’s what made day 2 and day 3 so awesome, we just spent those days finding folks we could help!

We’ll be back for the 2020 edition of Slice of Shoreview! Next up for us will be Vadnais Height’s Heritage days, so if you’re there, come by and say Hi!

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