[Gone] Paris? For under $350? Mais bien sûr!

What’s better than visiting the absolute romantic city of Paris? Visiting the beautiful city of Paris at great prices.

Right now, for less than $350, you can visit Paris in pretty much any month you want from now until next year. The biggest challenge is that you can’t make the booking directly on google. Note that these fares only include carry-on luggage and no checked baggage.

You’ll need to visit expedia or priceline to actually get the price booked and ticket. (When our AI is fully developed, we’ll be able to manage all of this for you!)

Unfortunately, we do not see this deal lasting long at all — so our suggestion would be to move really fast on this!

Wide open availablity from Minneapolis to Paris for under $350! Booking must be done through Priceline or Expedia.

You can see that these prices will actually price on the screenshot below…

These incredibly low fares are bookable on Expedia.

Bonne chance!

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