Going A Little stir Crazy? Book a Flight To Almost Anywhere in the US for less than $150.

At AI for Flights, our mission is to help customers get great value out of flight tickets without having to do all the work. Sometimes, it’s tracking flights until it becomes a great deal. Other times, it’s simply about finding and showing the best deals available. This posts highlights the best deals that are available today.

Covid-19 is affecting the entire country in an unprecedented way. Schools are shut down. Parks are shut down. Work is shut down. It gets to be a little much. Instead of a 7-day week, we now have yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The entire travel industry has been significantly affected with cancellations and countries shutting down. But there is a bright side, and that is there are great value airfares out there for weekend trips in June. As you can see from the map, you could fly almost anywhere in the US for under $150 with a Big 3 Domestic Carrier (Delta, United, and American).

Our top recommendations would be:

For us, these trips represent the best value compared to your regular trips. Fares to these cities don’t get this low!

An honorable mention is the Hawaii. Flights to the Hawaiian Islands for a getaway are currently $306. That’s $400 less than their usual lows with wide open availability.

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