Aloha, Hawai’i!! From $520, multiple islands, multiple airlines.

[Update June 17, 2019] – It looks like the deals to Kauai and the big island are starting to go. They’re at $600+ now. Flights to Honolulu and Kahului are still in the mid $500s. I can’t imagine these flights lasting much longer.

It seems like all the airlines are having some pretty decent flights to Hawai’i during August, September, and October for week long trips. There’s really good availability so it’s easy to be flexible and plan around it.

All of the islands for < $600.

My personal recommendation would be to book a trip to Honolulu during December because what better way to spend time the start of the Minnesotan winter than on a warm island in the pacific, enjoying nature, sun, luau, and relaxation? The best part is there’s enough time in San Diego on the return leg for a brunch in quick brunch in La Jolla.

Honolulu in December. That should sound great to a Minnesotan!
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