How it Works

Get peace of mind with a guaranteed price ceiling and rest assured we will work to get you an even better deal.

1. Find your flight

Pick when and where you want to go, and we’ll find the current available price.

If you’re happy with the current price, commit to that price with us and we’ll guarantee you won’t pay a cent more.

2. Let our AI work

After you’ve committed to a price, we will figure out if we think we can beat your price. When you already have a great price, we’ll let you know and get your flights booked immediately!

If we think we can beat the price, our AI will search around the clock until it finds a price that beats it.

If we can’t beat it, we will buy your ticket at a higher price, but you’ll only pay the price you committed to.

3. Have more money

When we find a lower priced flight, we’ll split the savings with you 50-50.

If you had originally committed to paying $400 for a flight, and we found the flight for $250, you’d have an extra $75!

For a family of four, that’d be an extra $300 to spend on vacation.

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