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Looking to test the water? This is perfect for you to test the waters with! We’ll send you the top 5 flight deals of the week, although some of them might be expired.

Our AI will only send you the best deals

We’re getting ready to launch our Flight Butler product and we’re now looking for alpha testers and early adopter, people who love technology and travel. We want to send you the great flight deals our engines finds with you. All we ask is that you share any feedback you have – positive or negative.


You’re a unique traveler with your own personalized tastes. This is why we made 2 different versions of a more personalized subscription. Check below some advantages of signing up today.

Unfair advantages
of AI for Flights

Best Deals Only

When flight prices go up, your price won’t. When flight prices go down, your price will.

Your Value

You’re a unique individual traveler with your own personalized tastes.


Based on your travel profile, our deals will be tailored specifically towards who you are as a traveler.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI is so good, we’ll put our money on it.

Check some examples

Here we explain how it will work with an example. We’ll take care of the work for you.

Lucy isn’t looking for anything in particular, but she likes to travel.

Lucy discovered our website through instagram. She has no plans to travel in the coming months, but she likes the idea of ​​traveling and seeing new places. Lucy does not miss anything by subscribing to our list. In fact, she will win by receiving the best. Be like Lucy, subscribe to our list and get our deals.

Maria and Axel are planning their honeymoon and want to save money.

This couple met while traveling and now they’re planning to get married. A friend of theirs recommended our site and they signed up. Now they have the cheapest flights in their inbox every week. Plus, they get deals which are specifically tailored to how they want to travel as soon as we find them.

Jack is always busy and travels a lot. Saving more is a necessity.

Jack’s already travelling several times a year, but he loves a good deal. That’s why our newsletter is perfect for him. To him, deals to him aren’t only about price. It’s about getting the most bang for the buck and every penny matters to him. Now Jack’s able to travel more by having the best personalized deals deliver to his mailbox, and he’s able to get 70% back of what we save him on trips he has to take anyway. Our Flight Butler is great at saving Jack money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our Flight Butler working for you too?

Personalized options coming soon


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– Top 5 deals of the week newsletter.

– 50% of realized savings
when booking with our
AI for Flights Engine.

As we said, free!


Pre-Launch Pricing


or $30/year

– 5 personalized deals/week as soon as we find them.

– Top 5 deals of the week newsletter.

– 60% of realized savings when booking with our AI for Flights Engine.


Pre-Launch Pricing


or $90/year

– All the personalized deals as soon as we find them.

– Top 5 deals of the week newsletter.

– 70% of realized savings when booking with our AI for Flights Engine.


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